15 people. $4000. How I made my dream Micro-Wedding happen!

Here I share the breakdown of my very intimate and affordable 15-person micro-wedding in Miami.

Top 10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Long are the days of using Pinterest as simply a “vision board” for our dream life. Nowadays, Pinterest is highly responsible for the success of many businesses worldwide. The secret is simple. Pinterest isn’t a social media website, it’s actually a search engine. Here are some ways you can leverage your blog and social mediaContinue reading “Top 10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers”

Boulud Sud Miami Happy Hour

“What would you want your last meal on Earth to be?” A dozen oysters, extra lemons, and a Cosmo. Thanks.” Welcome to Daniel Boulud’s new masterpiece, Boulud Sud Miami. All the gorgeous décor from the DB Bistro days but with a sexy mediterranean flair. My favorite happy hour spot in the Brickell/Downtown area is nowContinue reading “Boulud Sud Miami Happy Hour”