Top 10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Long are the days of using Pinterest as simply a “vision board” for our dream life. Nowadays, Pinterest is highly responsible for the success of many businesses worldwide. The secret is simple. Pinterest isn’t a social media website, it’s actually a search engine. Here are some ways you can leverage your blog and social media accounts by simply pinning a few times a week!

  1. Consistency: dedicate at least an hour each day to pin all your latest blog posts to an assigned folder on Pinterest. Divide these folders by topic or simply create one for your blog. As long as they’re filled with your pins, you’re good to go. 
  2. Chrome Extensions: I love using the “Pinterest Save” chrome extension since it allows me to quickly save pins in specific folders when browsing my blog or social channels. 
  3. Pinterest Business: switching over to “business” allows you to create shoppable pins, ads, and review data analytics for each pin created to gauge traffic. 
  4. Cross-Promotions: My new favorite thing now is adding my TikTok videos on Pinterest. Just save your TikTok as a “Live Photo”, go to your Images, find the “Live Photo”, hit the “share” icon and then click “save as video”. This removes the TikTok watermarks and just leaves a tiny one on the bottom right which you can just crop out. Once saved, open Pinterest and upload your video. 
  5. Description: This is the bread and butter of Pinterest and carries a hefty amount of valuable SEO. Always add a description to every pin you create. The more, the merrier.
  6. Visuals: Canva has been my best friend when creating stunning graphics for Pinterest. There’s a free version that still has tons of awesome features. Pinterest is for visual storytellers, so make sure you grab the audience’s attention quickly.
  7. “Save to Pinterest”: Add the “Save to Pinterest” button on all blog posts! You’ll be surprised at where your blog posts land once this button is added. 
  8. Variety: create pins that are on brand by adding them to different theme folders. This gives your audience options to browse around. 
  9. Engage: stay relevant on Pinterest by engaging with other similar blogs and brands like your own. 
  10. Have Fun!: creating your online presence should never feel tasking or cumbersome. Have fun creating content that speaks to YOU. Create content that in the end makes you happy and your ideal audience will soon find you. 

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