I want to create a space of collaboration for our community. It’s been a crazy few weeks for us all and some of us are finally feeling the financial hit. It’s time for a #SmallBizOutreach.

As of today, I’ll be making myself available to collaborate on a trade basis with other businesses.

This means that my photography, videography, marketing & business consulting, copywriting, logo designing, social media, content creation and editing services will be made available at NO COST to other businesses willing to trade their services with me.

My goal is to continue to show up and HELP business owners everyday in the best way I can.

I want you to offer your superpowers to others, as well.

What does your business focus on and what do you wish to provide others with? Will you be offering discounted rates? Are you looking to trade your services with other business owners, as well?

The most successful people I know are the ones adding an enormous value to other people’s lives.

Let’s create value for everyone.

I created a spreadsheet of businesses currently offering discounts or trade. The spreadsheet is divided by industry and can be found here.