How I saved money to travel while getting paid to shop

No. This wasn’t a pyramid scheme I joined or a story on how to become a secret shopper. Hear me out…

We know there’s a ton of ways to make money online. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have the time to invest on these new emerging side hustle opportunities.

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A few months ago, a friend convinced me to install a Google Chrome extension called Ebates. Apparently this thing would help me make & save money while shopping. In exchange for following directions, I would be rewarded $10 for signing up and she would be given $15 as a referral bonus from the company.

“When am I gonna see those $10?”

“Once you make your first purchase. You’ll get a check in the mail if you don’t have a Paypal”

“Right.” *rolls eyes*

I didn’t give it much thought. It was honestly too good to be true and these things usually require many more steps until you finally see the money. Like I said, I usually don’t have time to stray away from my usual routines. I left the thing installed and went on my way.

Then something caught my eye one day. This baby started popping up everywhere…


Hold up.

I called my girlfriend right away and demanded an explanation before I booked my flight.

“So you’re telling me I can pay for my trip and get up to 10% back from the grand total?”


So I did the thing…and then it happened. A few days after I came back from my trip (and made a few more shameless online purchases), the hotel and airline payments were processed and in came the cashback I was promised (but still kinda doubted).


$25.94. I made $25.94 by simply purchasing something I was already planning on getting.

So I kept going down my purchase history to see if this was happening with my orders from previous months.

You bet. 


Every order from Expedia, Amazon, Groupon, Gilt City, EVERYTHING….everything was racking up a certain cash back percentage. I had made a total of $301.70 so far without even noticing and the checks were coming in hot.


This whole time I was pressing that little green button without noticing and didn’t realize I was activating some form of cash back bonus from these mini shopping sprees; the purchases I would have made regardless.

So, to recap. Here are the reasons why Ebates might work for you:

  1. They’ve partnered up with over 1,500 stores to bring you the best cash back opportunities. They even have Amazon…and as an avid Amazon Prime shopper, a little cash back goes a long way and truly adds up in the end.
  2. You get a $10 bonus upon signing up and after making your first qualifying purchase of $25.
  3. If you refer a friend, they’ll also get a $10 bonus and you’ll be racking up $15 for every person that signs up thanks to you!
  4. There’s a discreet Ebates Cash Back button for your browser which notifies you when a page you’re visiting has a coupon and a cash back bonus. So not only will you earn a few bucks, you’ll also save on whatever purchase you’re making, if eligible.
  5. They have an app! I’m always on the go and rarely make purchases while on my laptop. The mobile world has consumed me, so making purchases through the app and getting my cash back on-the-go has been a huge relief.
  6. It’s FREE. Really. No catch. Just shop away and let them know where you want your money to arrive. You have the option of receiving it through PayPal or receiving a physical check in the mail.
  7. It’s really easy to sign up and get your $10. Just head over to Ebates and follow the easy directions here.

Who knew it was this easy to get paid while shopping online?

Happy Travels!

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