A Night At Kiji Cuzco In Wynwood

Kiji Cuzco is a hidden gem within the eclectic streets of Wynwood. I had the lovely opportunity to join some incredible people during an exclusive media tasting celebrating the best of Peru on its Independence Day!

Let’s talk about how gorgeous the decor is at this place! Not only are the dishes all so delicious, the art that surrounds you is lovely. We started our dinner with a perfect Malacara Malbec and later transitioned to a bottle of Octava Bassa Malbec.

So delicious! You usually drink whites with fish but I’m more of a reds type of gal. We started our culinary adventure with a Passion Fruit Salmon Tiradito. BEYOND AMAZING and simply melted in your mouth!

Next up was the Kiji Cuzco Roll. Holy moly this thing was good. From here we went straight to the gold: The Ceviche Kiji. Hands down the most delicious ceviche I’ve had in a while.

After this, we dove into another delectable roll: The Angry Eel. There’s nothing angry about this bad boy. Just pure happiness!

Now, you can’t leave a Peruvian restaurant without trying a legit Lomo Saltado and Chaufa Seafood Rice.

It was at that moment I fell in love with Kiji. They have everything your little Peruvian/Japanese cravings desire.

Kiji Cuzco is perfect for date nights and big groups! Make sure to check out their everyday lunch specials starting at $9.99 Tue-Sat from 12-5.

Thank you Identity Media PR and SincerelyMiami for the invite!

Want your business or event to be featured? Shoot me an email and let’s make some magic!

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