Truffle Dinner Experience | Toscana Divino

Bring on the Trufflegasm! Since ancient times, the truffle has been known as a sacred fruit of the earth. It’s quite difficult to harvest, mainly because it grows on its own, and requires farmers to use the help of dogs to sniff out the gold. While truffles primarily grow in northern Italy and France, we had the chance to visit one of Miami’s best authentic Italian restaurants here in the heart of Brickell and taste this magical delicacy. It was a culinary adventure from the start.

As we made our way to the table at Toscana Divino, we were unsure of what our chef, Andrea Marchesin, had in store for us. Under the abundance of Italian selections on the menu, we noticed a small asterisk with the words “Truffle Dinner Experience”, a six-part taste experience that offers diners a complete range of the delicacy that truffles offer.

“Heck! Why Not?” At $150 per person, we were positive this last-minute decision was going to be fruitful. We chose to pair with a 2012 Barolo Strada Nova Red Wine and let the night begin.

Boy were we happy with our decision!

Check out the amazing plates Chef Andrea whipped up for us.

Peschiola al Tartufo– Dwarf Peach with Shaved Black Truffle
Uovo In Camicia– Wild Mushroom Poached Egg Bread Crostini with Shaved Black Truffle
Carpaccio with Shaved Black Truffles
Tagliatelle – Fresh Tagliatelle Parmesan Butter and Black Truffle
Assaggio di Filetto– Painted Hills Filet Roasted Kale Mashed Potatoes Black Truffle
Lollipop– Ecuadorian Chocolate Cherry in Syrup Black Truffle
The incredibly awesome, Executive Chef Andrea Marchesin!

Make sure to check out this delicious culinary experience while the truffles are still in season!

Toscana Divino at The Shops at Mary Brickell Village
900 S Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 930-6873


  1. amber says:

    Omg this looks so amazing! Yummy! I must try this place!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jordanne says:

    Can I have this all? I’m hungry now! great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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